In 2011 Jane Wangari and Mary Mukami had a chance to travel to Turkana county for 3 days. The roads to Turkana were deplorable, some impassable , no bridges, security tension that in the night some of the roads would be closed. There is this one time they were forced to spend the night in a bus at Kainuk  due to security reasons and road closure in the night.At that time there were only 2 buses operating from Nairobi to Lodwar town. Kainuk is a small  town whose main road connects West Pokot to Turkana counties. 

As they travelled to Turkana  Jane and Mary  came across an Internally Displaced Camp  that was in desolate state. After seeing the kind of situation the people there were in, they decided to buy two bags of beans, Maize and flour each then hired a taxi from a local called “Sammy” who also served as a guide.

Later on they distributed the food among the people living there at the camp, the two travellers   released what they had given was a short term solution for the dwellers.

When they got back to Nairobi the two purposed  to visit the region three times a year. To enable them to do that, they needed supplies and  support. For that ,they also reached out to family and friends willing to donate clothes, food supplies, Khangas and anything that could be donated. Thus since 2012 they’ve been travelling to Lodwar , and  have visited even more interior places in the region.As they went on with the charitable journey, they were later  joined by other people on this mission. Flash forward the  simple act of giving out of love, compassion and will to do something in by these two ladies grew into a fully functioning organisation -Ripple Love. Inspired by the belief that equal opportunities is the cornerstone of civilisation, the desire to eradicate poverty in marginalised communities of Kenya so as to create same opportunities to succeed in life irregardless of the circumstances of the people in the communities they are born in.