Turkana county, the Arid area of Northern Kenya, dry with few plantations or rather bushes in few places is the home of some of the pastoral communities. With the changing weather patterns, Turkana county dwellers keep grappling with the shortage of water by the day. Having to walk very far to fetch water in strategic places has forced many to struggle for the luxury which is water.

Despite the  subsequent pleas to help Turkana residents have a better life by governments and other well wishers just a few have come through.  However the people of Turkana do not have the amenities of water easily as the have to share the water sources with their animals. Thus to help curb the issue of Water  shortage in Turkana, Ripple Love Organization has goals for the people of  Turkana with major operational goals being to have a sustainable water and sanitation solution.

For one RLO plans to drill a total of 8-10 boreholes within Turkana county. It shall be solar powered to store the water in 10,000 tonnes tanks for retail consumption.  The water shall be free for one day a week and for the other days, the water shall be sold to the public at only 10/= per 20litre basins.  The acquired profits shall be directed to RLO ongoing operational activities such as ‘feed a child program’, ‘weeks pamoja’, teenage girls empowerment, and maintenance of the borehole recurrent expenditures.