Growing up we are always told of the importance of having an education. The basic line of,  get an education, get a good job, live a good life now has a whole different connotation to it. In a country like Kenya, a huge chunk of people do not have the luxury of having even the most basic form of education.

Be it skill-based or theoretical we believe every person living in this country deserves the amenities that come with matters of education. However, our findings as the Ripple Love Organization show that many of the young people are struggling to make a living using other means including craft. Further their basic understanding of their own cultures and tradition are majorly the only forms of education they get.

In a place like Turkana county, 80% of the population with a majority of them being women cannot  read or write. They can neither communicate in the most basic universal language like English or Swahili. Thus this has made it easy for the dwellers of Turkana to be easily taken advantage of by non-dwellers.

When you make education inaccessible, you make prosperity only possible for the already prosperous


Thus it is with all these difficulties many young people from the region do not get equal opportunities in the job market. Had it been that the government or organizations would try to reach the remotest parts of the Turkana county, then maybe we’d be having a different narrative.

As an organization we established that it would only be right for the people especially the youth to get vocational training for things they like to do. Thus it will help them establish themselves and help them earn a living from their passion.

Considering Turkana is among the marginalized areas in Kenya,  Ripple Love believes that the best way  now is to have bright students from the interior parts of the country go back to the county and set up makeshift schools in their villages. With this they will be able to teach the younger people on a voluntary basis. In this way, we are creating a method in which people from the community who got a chance to get education pass it down to the rest of the community.