In a world where religions divide us, It is rare to see a community so blessed with diversity that unites them more than separate. A small world within a community that chooses to exist in harmony beyond the odds. This small community on the northern part of Kenya has proven that life is beyond our religion, cultures and economic status. A ripple of love flowing from generation to generation.

Two people united over love, created a family, and united two families with different backgrounds. Now, two families that were once strangers and maybe foes are allied. A candle lit by the love of this family has given light to a whole community. Peace prevails, and the need to improve one another’s life is rising and more light is shining over the whole community.

This world has made us believe that having religious and cultural differences make all of us different. But in sense, that difference should unite us.  If we were all the same, then what would be the essence of life? But when we choose to show love to our differences, we understand the true meaning of life.

But the question is if you had the chance to unite with them and create a future for their generations, would you do it?