Cultured Ego

Standing side by side with one of them, you can already spot a hundred differences between them and you. And at the same time, you can tell the remarkable resemblance, the talent, life and the zeal to make their lives better. People blessed with diversity, culture, land and life itself. 

No difference between how you and I were created but a big difference in how life is for them, in an arid area. So many talents inhabited by the different souls in the area. Talents that we might also have but ours were lucky enough to get a chance to be tapped into. Each family stands and  shows how much love they have for themselves, their craft and culture and the people that come to share with them.

So much love that can be spotted in the soul of every person; men, women, boys and little girls. A love that should be spread to the whole world and shared. This is a light that should never go dim. A light carried across by the people of a beautiful land.