What is land? We all understand it by the literal meaning of the ground we step on, or maybe just a part of the earth’s soil composition. But in a community in Northern Kenya, land is life. Land is their identity, their history, their home and a part of them that they hold dear. Land is what makes them, the people they are, with the cultures they have. When walking through the arid area, you can feel the hot heat hitting your skin, the dry sand pinching the sole of your shoes and the horizons pulling you towards them. Walking miles makes you drawn to the land and drives you to love it. 

The beautiful arid landscapes and trees run for kilometers and kilometers, habiting human lives of a community that is struggling to rise. A community trying to make that land more habitable and safe for themselves and the livestock they value. A community trying to preserve the culture and identity they hold dear.

This land was given for us to take care of it, and this community is on its knees trying to hold it together. We are making a decision to hold their hands to hold it up.