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On behalf of Excel Emmanuel academic school, please accept this email as a "Thank you note from us."
For the assistance you accorded us through the Feed a Child program during the corona pandemic time.
We all need more people like you and more organisations like yours, that aim to every society an ideal village for all of us to live in. Thanks a lot for your efforts towards the betterment of Naduat community.
rose elila
We are grateful for taking your time to engage with the community elders & members to try and find solutions for the increased early teenage pregnancy in the area and how to assist the young victims.

Juan echuchuka

Our Mission

To improve the quality of Life for the people living in marginalized communities through provision of sustainable socio-economic platforms, Education , healthcare, water and Agriculture

Our Vision

.We envision a country where all people hold the power to create opportunities for themselves  and the people surrounding them.

About Us


Ripple Love  is an organization of like -minded people who came together with grassroot initiatives for effecting positive change in the lives of the underprivileged people in marginalized communities.

Our goal being to provide better living standards basing our core model structure within 5 significant pillars of Life, namely: Socio-Economic empowerment, Education, Health & Mental health, Agriculture / Water. 

Ripple love organization  was eventually registered with the NGO Board of Kenya in 2019 to push its philanthropic mission within five counties in Kenya.

These counties include Turkana, Kajiado, Machakos, Trans Nzoia, Nairobi

Ripple love org



An Investment in education pays the best Interest.

Water & Agriculture

Water is a finite resource that is essential in the advancement of Agriculture  and is vital to human life.

Socio- Economic Empowerment

What is growth for if not to help ordinary people thrive.

If we matter or not
won't matter when we work on ourselves.

Ongoing Projects


Lack of education curbs an individual from reaching their full potential. Children who cannot go to school, miss out on the opportunities of developing their skills and are unable to get dignified jobs. Lack of proper jobs and education can lead to social unrest, early teenage pregnancy, crimes, lack of voice, exploitation and gender /economic inequalities hampering the progress of the Country.

Ripple Love organizations work at the grassroots level to help underprivileged children access quality education. Kenya is a vast country with a huge demographic and geographic divide, and NGO’s play a key role in bringing people together and promoting education as a human right, striving for a country where everyone without discrimination of any kind can fully enjoy the right to education in all its dimensions .

Education is important for the social and economic development of any nation. Education helps individuals make informed choice and is plays a significant role for an individual’s own well-being to enable them reach their full potential and live a fruitful life.


Presently, two billion people around the world are living in water-stressed areas, and the same will be true of more than half the world’s population by 2050 if no action is taken. Based on projected demand, the world will face a 40 per cent shortfall in freshwater supply within 10 years.

Climate change is already greatly exacerbating the world water crisis – intensifying floods, prolonging droughts, and more. In many ways, the worst impacts of the climate crisis will be felt through water. Unless urgent action is taken, these impacts will only worsen in the coming years and decades.

 The latest poverty data from The World Bank indicates that 36% of People living in Kenya are still living below the poverty line, while youth unemployment stands at 39% . Ripple love Org concentrates more in the marginalized communities of Kenya, rural , arid and semi arid areas of the north as well as in the slum areas of Nairobi.

Hunger is about more than food. it’s about people. Top-down, Aid -driven charity models fail to create lasting change in the lives of those in need. To achieve a sustainable solution to hunger, we need to flip those models 360 degrees and afford those people living in extreme poverty and hunger access to socio-economic opportunities, promote programes that provide social assistance to the poor, promote human development for marginalized communities, Education and promote progressive social and cultural improvements conversations as a whole with the people to find solutions together to end poverty and hunger for good.


Lets walk together